Strange readings for generation

I've only had my Flukso running for a couple of weeks. See output at

If you have a look at generation for 12/05/15 I get what I would expect a nice Bell shaped curve. Thereafter I get these dropout periods e.g. 14/05/15. Following days were overcast so hard to call but then today 20/05/15 was a sunny day and its all over the shop. Inverter reports 20470 kWh generated (which seems appropriate) but Flukso shows 6764 kWh. data same as Flukso data.

Whats going on - is there an issue with the cable clamp? I haven't changed anything since installation.

Any comments appreciated!

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Have a gentle pull at the clamp's wires where they come out of the Flukso's connector. It sometimes happens they loosen up a bit over time.