No data in dash


I just set my Flukso up today but I am not getting any data showing in the dash.
I have re-enabled the sensor a few times, I even setup a second one to try and work out the issue.

Here is my log -

Mar 23 06:00:01 flukso-2b53c0 crond[672]: crond: USER root pid 1477 cmd /usr/bin/fcheck
Mar 23 06:15:01 flukso-2b53c0 crond[672]: crond: USER root pid 1549 cmd /usr/bin/fcheck
Mar 23 06:17:56 flukso-2b53c0 avahi-daemon[772]: Files changed, reloading.
Mar 23 06:17:57 flukso-2b53c0 fsync[1573]: fsync exit status: 0, successful
Mar 23 06:17:58 flukso-2b53c0 tmpod[1439]: Caught a SIGTERM. Exiting...
Mar 23 06:17:58 flukso-2b53c0 fluksod[1436]: Caught a SIGTERM. Exiting...
Mar 23 06:17:59 flukso-2b53c0 spid[1433]: Caught a SIGTERM. Exiting...
Mar 23 06:18:00 flukso-2b53c0 supd[1430]: Caught a SIGTERM. Exiting...
Mar 23 06:18:01 flukso-2b53c0 supd[1595]: Sucessfully started with DEAMON=supd and DAEMON_PATH=/var/run/supd
Mar 23 06:18:02 flukso-2b53c0 spid[1599]: Sucessfully started with DEAMON=spid and DAEMON_PATH=/var/run/spid
Mar 23 06:18:02 flukso-2b53c0 fluksod[1602]: Sucessfully started with DEAMON=fluksod and DAEMON_PATH=/var/run/fluksod
Mar 23 06:18:02 flukso-2b53c0 tmpod[1605]: Sucessfully started with DEAMON=tmpod and DAEMON_PATH=/var/run/tmpod
Mar 23 06:18:11 flukso-2b53c0 heartbeat[1609]: POST 200
Mar 23 06:24:23 flukso-2b53c0 daemon.notice netifd: wan (671): Sending renew...
Mar 23 06:24:23 flukso-2b53c0 daemon.notice netifd: wan (671): Lease of obtained, lease time 7200
Mar 23 06:30:01 flukso-2b53c0 crond[672]: crond: USER root pid 1647 cmd /usr/bin/fcheck

MQTT shows -
1458715056: /sensor/cbceceeee52e6b2d575face64800d233/gauge ~> [1458715056,0,"W"]
1458715055: /sensor/f07e46b825edc1915c7cd15393f81432/gauge ~> [1458715055,0,"W"]
1458715055: /sensor/cbceceeee52e6b2d575face64800d233/gauge ~> [1458715055,0,"W"]

and is constantly posting new lines.

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Is the "post to Flusko server" enabled? (syslog shows no POST events)

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Not device, but sensor

Mar 23 18:07:05 flukso-$flmid$ fluksod[681]: processed pulse :1458756425:942856
Mar 23 18:07:18 flukso-$flmid$ fluksod[681]: POST$sensorid$: 200

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...and check if the flukso-daemon is running; ssh into your Fluksometer (ssh root@flmip; default password root) and run "ps"; you should get a line like

  1. 681 flukso    5336 S    /usr/sbin/fluksod -u flukso

if not, restart your flukso-daemon by typing
  1. /usr/sbin/fluksod -u flukso

Alternatively, power-cycle your Fluksometer (or type "reboot" in the ssh shell) - then everything should start up corrrectly; if not, @icarus75 to take over.

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1898 flukso 5264 S /usr/sbin/fluksod -u flukso

Looks like it is running. I rebooted it for good measure but seeing as I had done that already it made no difference. :(

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Your MQQT lines should show a few watts, where they currently show 0 all the time

1458715055: /sensor/cbceceeee52e6b2d575face64800d233/gauge ~> [1458715055,0,"W"]

This explains why nothing shows up in the dash.

I've had the same problem due to a reversed polarity of the current clamp, it's easily solved by inverting the wire at the FLM input.

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Ok so it turns out it wasn't the polarity but I think there might have been too much insulation in the spot that I put it.

I moved it to a different spot right inside the breaker box, switched the polarity back and it started posting correctly. Persistence paid off.

My only problem now is that my breaker box for my solar and my main one for the house are about 20m a part. Guess I will have to run phone cables!

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Thanks for your help guys, really assisted me working the problem out.

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You're welcome, glad we could help.
With regards to your solar breaker box, I would be really surprised that the mains doesn't connect to your meter close the main box. Is there any reason you want to put the clamp at that specific remote location ?

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The garage (a really big one) is where the panels and inverter is located is seperate to the house and was built later. The power meter is on the wall on the opposite side of the house.

I will probably just run a cat5 cable then I can use the various pairs, either way I will have to run a cable. It is a pain.

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I seem to be having the same issue. Everything is in order ie lights are illuminated, globe is connected, system seems to be synced etc however not data in the dash. I did have an electrician do some work to the house is it possible that he may have moved the clamps every so slightly that has effected it enough to the point of not picking up any current?

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Moving the clamps shouldn't really be an issue there.
I would check to ensure the 2 halves are clipped together and that the wires are still connected.

Note: If you cant see the clamps on the power cables you may need the electrician to open the box for a look.

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So I just checked and yes the clips are closed and still connected. Doesn't look like hes even touched them as there is some dust in there and no obvious clean parts where someone may have moved anything if that makes sense.

I'm at a loss now of what to do? All the lights that should be illuminated are, globe, wifi, heartbeat every second or so but no data. My dash also is saying the the flukometer has uploaded less than five minutes ago whenever I check but still no data on the dash. There are lots of resets though if that makes any difference, like 32 at last count and it's only been on for a little while now?

Any more help would be greatly appreciated. The annoying part is that its been working well for the past year or so and always reconnected at other times when the power was turned off.

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Hi everybody,

I only see data in dash when my computer is connected to my FLM03.

This is the ps result:

1 root 1512 S init
2 root 0 SW [kthreadd]
3 root 0 SW [ksoftirqd/0]
4 root 0 SW [kworker/0:0]
5 root 0 SW [kworker/u:0]
6 root 0 SW< [khelper]
7 root 0 SW [kworker/u:1]
66 root 0 SW [sync_supers]
68 root 0 SW [bdi-default]
70 root 0 SW< [kblockd]
99 root 0 SW [kswapd0]
148 root 0 SW [fsnotify_mark]
161 root 0 SW< [ath79-spi]
172 root 0 SW [mtdblock0]
177 root 0 SW [mtdblock1]
182 root 0 SW [mtdblock2]
187 root 0 SW [mtdblock3]
192 root 0 SW [mtdblock4]
197 root 0 SW [mtdblock5]
202 root 0 SW [mtdblock6]
255 root 0 SW [kworker/0:1]
375 root 0 SW [kworker/0:2]
428 root 0 SWN [jffs2_gcd_mtd3]
430 root 0 SW [flush-mtd-unmap]
453 root 0 SW [khubd]
463 root 0 SW [scsi_eh_0]
464 root 0 SW [usb-storage]
520 root 0 SW< [cfg80211]
609 root 1524 S /sbin/syslogd -C16
611 root 1504 S /sbin/klogd
613 root 860 S /sbin/hotplug2 --override --persistent --set-rules-f
623 root 880 S /sbin/ubusd
667 root 0 SW [jbd2/sda1-8]
668 root 0 SW< [ext4-dio-unwrit]
674 root 1484 S /sbin/netifd
866 root 0 SW [flush-8:0]
1145 root 1620 S wpa_supplicant -B -P /var/run/ -D nl80
1148 root 824 S wpa_cli -i wlan0 -p /var/run/wpa_supplicant-wlan0 -a
1190 root 1524 S udhcpc -p /var/run/ -s /lib/netifd/d
1234 root 1520 S /usr/sbin/crond -c /etc/crontabs -l 1
1283 root 1152 S /usr/sbin/dropbear -P /var/run/ -p 22
1289 root 1140 S /usr/sbin/uhttpd -f -h /www -r flukso-d07444 -x /cgi
1456 root 1516 S /sbin/watchdog -t 5 /dev/watchdog
1517 nobody 956 S /usr/sbin/dnsmasq -C /var/etc/dnsmasq.conf
1523 nobody 1732 S avahi-daemon: running [flukso-d07444.local]
1537 flukso 3428 R /usr/sbin/mosquitto -c /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf
1549 root 1520 S /usr/sbin/ntpd -n -p -p 1.ope
1559 root 2632 S /usr/sbin/supd
1561 root 5708 S /usr/sbin/flxd
1564 flukso 5756 S N /usr/sbin/tmpod -u flukso
1567 flukso 5684 S /usr/sbin/kubed -u flukso
1592 root 1216 S /usr/sbin/dropbear -P /var/run/ -p 22
1593 root 1512 S -ash
1640 root 1512 R ps

In my syslog I only see POST command for heartbeat.

How can I solve this?


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Thanks for the extra information. Last night I connected the FLM03 to the internet via the WAN connection and now the data is available in dash. Probably must tweak the firewall to enable it through WiFi.

One phase is connected to port 1 so rather simple.

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Just tried to change the firewall settings to access the FLM without Ethernet cable:

root@flukso-d07444:~# uci set firewall.@zone[1].input=ACCEPT
root@flukso-d07444:~# uci commit
root@flukso-d07444:~# /etc/init.d/firewall restart
Warning: Unable to locate ipset utility, disabling ipset support
Warning: Section @zone[1] (wan) cannot resolve device of network 'wan6'
* Flushing IPv4 filter table
* Flushing IPv4 nat table
* Flushing IPv4 mangle table
* Flushing IPv4 raw table
* Flushing conntrack table ...
* Populating IPv4 filter table
* Zone 'lan'
* Zone 'wan'
* Rule 'Allow-DHCP-Renew'
* Rule 'Allow-Ping'
* Rule #5
* Rule #6
* Rule #7
* Rule #8
* Forward 'lan' -> 'wan'
* Populating IPv4 nat table
* Zone 'lan'
* Zone 'wan'
* Populating IPv4 mangle table
* Zone 'lan'
* Zone 'wan'
* Populating IPv4 raw table
* Zone 'lan'
* Zone 'wan'
* Set tcp_ecn to off
* Set tcp_syncookies to on
* Set tcp_window_scaling to on
* Running script '/etc/firewall.user'

Then I browse to without Ethernet cable but no succes. Something to do with the warnings when restarting?

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By the way, is remote access through https and a certain port also possible to configure? Thanks!

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Then it is not anymore as this is the FLM's own address when acting as a DHCP server; you have to use the DHCP-provided address from your router now...