yesterday I did an upgrade of my Fluksometer v2 from 232(?) to 250. Since that it seems to be bricked.
When I call up the webinterface, it shows up the Logo and the menu bar, nothing else. When I click to Status or any other menu item, nothing happens.
After I tried to make a total reset (reset button press >120sec, it seems to be totally dead. I cannot reach the device at via a wired connection. No Webinterface, no connection via 'putty'.

What can I do?

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What is the status of the LEDs? Is the LAN LED on? I had a similar issue and just repeated the factory reset, then it came up again. Did you do a direct PC to FLM connection? Be aware that IP provisioning may interfere otherwise (so, check if your PC got an IP from the FLM -->
Be sure on web access to clear your browser cache also...

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Thank you,
I repeated the factory reset AND then rebooted the Flukso by cycling power.
Now I can reach the Flukso by LAN cable again. I reconfigured networking and rebooted again.
Then I reconfigured the sensors and rebooted again. Now both Wifi and LAN lights are on. With a network sniffer I can see the Flukso in my home network with its new IP adress 192.168.x.240. I can ping this IP and get the correct answer. But I cannot reach the WebGUI from a browser (Firefox) in my network. I get a strange error message saying something like: Connection to server was resetted loading a page.
Somewhat strange.

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SSH works fine, I connect via cable and a client called 'MobaXterm'.
I just altered the firewall according your instructions. Works fine now.
I can access the FLM now from local net.
Next problem now: I have 2 Android devices (1x 4.4 and 1 x 6.01). I installed Guard Flukso on both devices but both do not show the actal values. In Demo Mode, everything seems ok. But when I enter the ID in the form 'Flukso-6axxxx' the display shows some garbage numbers and does not update regularly. Is ther anything better than Guard Flukso?
Thank you for your help.

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Sure there is :-) (yet I cannot say anything about Guard Flukso) And it is acually an enhancement of the FLM itself --> --> - be aware that the github repository now shows by default the FLMv3 variant; thus the code from the flm2v250 must be used on a FLMv2 - as it is incompatible with the FLMv3 in some aspects...

Recommendation: Have a look at the various threads of the Dev corner - there nearly all questions you may have are answered...

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stupid/obvious tip: beware of browser cache issues?
(triggers me whenever I see mentions of web interfaces not loading correctly)

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No browser cache issues. Cache has been flushed for troubleshooting.

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I run Guard Flukso on 2 old Android phones to show
1. Solar
2. Usage

I had to put in the sensor numbers a couple of times to get them to work.
Then it took about 20 minutes before they updated.