No FLM2 data being logged! Heartbeat good. Devices and sensors registering.

I installed my new FLM2 yesterday and have not been able to view any graphs for it on the dashboard.

Things I have looked at:

Wifi and Web Connectivity:

  1. Wifi lights blinking good
  2. Globe indicator lit
  3. Heartbeat confirmed good as of one minute ago
  4. Syslog reading good "200" server responses from heartbeat polls.
  5. Firmware upgrade went AOK. (Now at 215 for my FLM2)

Devices and Services

  1. One device appearing as expected in my account
  2. One single-phase electricity clamp is appearing as expected


  1. Clamp to sensor cable: Red:positive; Black:negative
  2. Sensor cable to FLM : Red:positive; Black:negative
  3. Terminal pinout is plugged in correctly (it clicked) to FLM
  4. Current reading across terminals of sensor 1 is roughly 0.15 milliamps (Does that sound right?)

Other stuff

  1. I have changed the default ipaddress to and so I can access them from my internal 10.10.0.*/24 network.
  2. I have extended the sensor cable using a piece of bell wire
  3. I think the two points above irrelevant as they only happened after I got sick of taking my laptop outside to the fusebox where I had the FLM. No loggin before and after the extension network update.
  4. I am concerned about these syslog entries: Apr 28 12:45:01 flukso-089e37 crond[939]: crond: USER root pid 5936 cmd [ $(/usr/bin/fcheck; echo $?) -ne 0 ] && reboot What do they indicate? It appears about very 15 minutes in my syslog.
  5. I have attached my syslog if that helps.

Things I have not yet tried

  1. Trying sensor two or three instead of sensor one.

Any help or suggestions to get to the bottom of this would be great.

Ooh I just found forum thread "new-version-2-fluksometer-install-no-sensor-data". I'll measure the following tomorrow morning:

  1. Measure the clamp output voltage when the clamp is connected to the live wire.
  2. Measure the input resistance of the active port. I'll check port 2 and 3 as well.



jasonp-flukso-syslog.txt15.96 KB
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Hi JasonP,

Kudos for the detailed reporting. All systems are working as expected on your Fluksometer AFAICT. So the problem is either with the clamp, the wiring or the absence of any current flowing through the hot wire. We'll find this through elimination. Just report back with the results of the two measurements you mentioned in your edit.

Regarding point 4 in 'other stuff': A cron job checks the health of the flukso daemon every 15min. If the daemon is not up and running anymore, it will trigger an FLM reboot.


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Clamp output voltage
Measuring approximately 0.8 volts DC

Port resistance

  1. Port 1: Fluctuating between open circuit and 17 ohms (x 10K?)
  2. Port 2: 17 ohms (x 10K?)
  3. Port 3: 17 ohms (x 10K?)

Since then...
I have switched the sensor cable to be connected to port 2 to see if that makes any difference. I have not seen any changes - except now I have two sensors listed in my account page, and in the dashboard minute screen I see two of them reporting 0 useage...

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The port input impedance should be 1.91kOhm.

Did you measure the voltage across the top screws (+ and -) of the port with the current clamp attached? A non-zero voltage should result in a non-zero reading on the minute chart.

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Everything works now!

I was just in the middle of writing about my clamp readings, and even provided links to images of my multimeter readings, in the hope you could make more sense of them.

It was sounding more and more like a pebcak error. So I pulled everything apart. Started from scratch. Got nice sensor cable readings. Checked the resistance across the input ports - got great readings. Connected the sensor cable to the ports - got good readings. By the time I got back to the study the syslog had filled with "processed pulse" type entries (I have turned on the JSON API for minute-by-minute reporting).

Everything seems good. I cannot explain how my readings were so wrong this morning. Perhaps I didn't shove the wires far enough into the terminal and that was causing a non-sturdy connection? I dunno - all looks fanatatic now.

Thanks for all your assistance so far. From this end it's been great knowing that there is an expert willing to have a look over my shoulder,