3 phase Installation WITH PV

Before purchasing the flukso I would like to confirm that it can do the following:

1. Measure my power usage - I have three phase, so I would need three clamps.
2. Measure my PV generation - As the three clamp inputs will be used for measuring the three phase I would need to use the pulse input.

I can obtain a kwh meter and install into my powerbox so that it measures my PV generation and this will provide a pulse output (1000 pulses per kwh)

Am I correct in thinking that this setup will work?

Will I then be able to connect this up to say pvoutput and display usage and generation on the same graph?

Im in Australia.


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No one?

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yes, measuring 3 phases consumption AND solar generation will work:
i measure consumption on 3 separate phases (RSTN) with the 3 current transformer inputs of the fluksometer2 and at the same time i measure 2 separate monophase strings of PV production on the 2 pulse inputs. I get a graph with 5 curves: 3 consumption phases and 2 production phases.

But do know that to accurately measure consumption on each phase independently of each other, you need a mains net with 3 phases on 4 wires (RSTN). In contrast: with a net of 3 phases on only 3 wires the measurements of the phases influence one another as described in another thread on this forum:

your question was also covered before in this forum, e.g.

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One question, Im not really interested in measuring each phase independantly - I want a combined total.. Hopeing this is OK?

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Have a look at the Fluksometer Manual [1] par 2.2.3. You can select to have the three clamp inputs grouped into a single sensor, or have them reported separately as three individual sensors.

Make sure to set the line voltage to 240V.

[1] https://flukso.net/files/flm02/manual.pdf

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You could measure BOTH total consumption AND consumption per phase at the same time.
- your total power consumption (three fases together) on pulse input 4
measured with a 3-phased-kWh meter with pulse output
- your total PV generation on pulse input 5
measured with a single phased or 3-phased-kWh meter with pulse output
- on current-transormer inputs 1,2,3 you can measure the consumption
on each phase apart by using 3 current clamps.
Having the consumption-measurement also split up in 3 phases has the advantage that you can *much* better distinguish the individual consumer-devices on the graphs, and thus better go 'Negawatt'-hunting.

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Ah - awsome - thanks for this info.

My flukso arrived today complete with 3 clamps.

Im in the process of getting a powerpoint installed in my meter box and a kwh meter installed on the PV. I will update with my progress.