No P1 readings after upgrade flukso device

Received my upgraded flukso today (thanks for the additional cable and fast round-trip!) and reconnected my sensors and connected the cable for the P1 bus.

I'm using 3 50Amp clamps and a (ridiculous expensive) Sensus HRI water sensor. Before receiving a 'smart' meter, I was able to monitor the gas-meter using a simple reed-relais.

But as things had to get 'smart', I'm forced to get gas information using the P1 connector attached to the ISKRA energy meter.

Connected the supplied rj11 cable to the flukso but I didn't see any readings.

The mapping on the fluksometer-v2b page says:

  • green > 5-
  • yellow > 6a
  • black > 6b
  • red > not used

Though, to get things working properly, I had to use to verify the pin / colour mapping and ended up with:

  • (P2) black --> 6a
  • (p3) red --> 5-
  • (p4) green --> not connected
  • (p5) yellow --> 6b

Perhaps a notice to verify the pins and not trust the colours is in order.

An completely different question; is the 'minute' resolution supposed to do anything?. The only (wrong) response I get is the "You are probably not in the same local network as the FLM."

ps: is it normal to get new MAC addresses although the labels on the back didn't change? because of some sane paranoia and not trusting unknown mac addresses, the dhcp server didn't service the flukso...

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Did check your first link, but the documentation on the v2b page ( was directing me in the wrong direction.

Eventually I ended up stopping the flukso process (/etc/init.d/flukso stop) and cat /dev/ttyS0
Within a few minutes no telegrams showed up so I double-checked the cable. Once the cable was connected properly, data showed up.

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