No requests to local FLM in minute tab? The call for sensor <s> experienced a timeout. You are probably not in the same local


The minute tab is not updating for me. I installed FLM03E on ethernet, let my DHCP assign a fixed IP and reconfigured the FLM firewall to allow access to the management console. I can access the management console on the fixed IP. So far so good...

When I try to access the minute dashboard on the website, I cannot find the call to my local FLM in the developer console.

The last call I see is:

Which returns the correct fixed IP address:
jQuery17102879687419080368_1479768783330([<4 other sensors>,{"sensor":"<sensorId>","type":"electricity","function":"zwart","ip":"<fixed IP address>","port":"undefined"}]);

However, I cannot see any subsequent calls to this IP address?

I read in the forum that the browser could be refusing the outgoing call, but see no warning signs? I tried both Chrome and Safari.

Has anyone faced a similar issue?

Many thanks,


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mine had the issue with chrome, there is a shield that pops up at the end of the address bar click it and enable or whatever you have to do it every session

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For Firefox, click the padlock on the left of the URL and the green item of

It will probably mention something about content it refused to load (chrome mentions unsafe scripts). Once you add an exception it should work fine

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Ive not been able to get the minute tab for over 6 months, whatever I try grrr