Old unused sensor ID information remains. How to remove, help required

A couple of years ago I started using a Flukso instalation to monitor my power generation and consumption.
At first I installed 4 sensors but have since reduced this to just 2 (grid and solar) and removed the ones not used.
My question is, how do I remove the sensor information of the two not used from my profile ? The unused ones confuse the situation when I am doing any re-configuring e.g for export of data to pvoutput.

It appears that flukso still remembers the sensor tokens and doesn't drop it off even though they have been long disconnected.
I tried creating another account on flukso but the information was somehow carried over to the new account.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


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If the sensors are shown then you probably have not deactivated them in the Fluksometer's local configuration. Log on via web browser to your FLM and go to the sensor configuration; deactivate the sensors you don't need. Disconnecting just says that there are zero readings...

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Thanks or the information Gebhardm, I'll give that a go.
Much appreciated.