Power usage Fluksometer?

This is a great project, and I'm considering getting myself a Fluksometer.

What's holding me back? Well, I already own a - closed-source :-( - Plugwise setup which is already answering many questions regarding our home power use (and additionally, running our boiler on off-peak tarrif). Monitoring water and global power usage could eventually convince me though :-)

One obvious question seems missing from the manual and from all webpages, or I looked over it: what is the power usage of the Fluksometer itself, in WiFi and Ethernet mode? As an owner of several OpenWRT routers, I am guessing in the order of 10-12W with WiFi on - is that correct?

Not that it's a deal-breaker; but it's just a relevant question to ask, I think :-)


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the flukso doesn't need much power, something like 2-3 watt max

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Mine came with a 12V 0.5A adapter that barely gets warm, so I agree on the 2-3W...

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Surprisingly low - thanks!
I was expecting higher considering the similarities with some typical wireless routers. But I think mine (Asus) have their wireless on a mini-PCI cards; whereas here everything is on the Atheros chip - which probably helps.

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I bit the bullet only last week, and finally bought myself a Flukso. Of course, I just *had* to check the power use - & you guys are spot-on : measured with my Plugwise kit - 3W, with WiFi on. That's amazingly low!