Sum power consumption since given time

I installed the Fluxo a couple of days ago. I use the three sensors to get the energy consumption of the three incoming phases. I did not bundle them to one sensor reading, as I want to identify energy leaks.
OK, now I'm trying to compare the Flukso's kWh count against my provider's meter. For this purpose I wrote a script fetching the data with hourly resolution from for all three phases since my last reading (20:00 28.01.13) with some simple awk additions to these readings.
A day later Flukso's reading was 10% under, 3 days later Flukso matched ok, but today (6 days later) it's reading is over 30% over (provider's meter: 82, Flukso: 110).
Obviously, I'm doing something wrong. Is there anybody with a similar script, just to give me an idea how to do this right?
The monthly dashboard gives me plausible results, but I need midnight readings for this.

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Do you have any reactive loads? Fridge, air conditioner, switching power supplies? The difference in readings may be due to the power factor.


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Sure I have some reactive loads, but I don't expect them to have this much influence. I will go more into details with my calculations as soons as I've time to do so.

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30% difference is a lot on the entire load... but I have one 60 cm TL light in my house, and it read 80W using the clamps... and 25 Watt using a DIN kWh meter.

I had a look around on the the internet, and apparently a cos phi that bad is pretty regular with normal, cheap TL lights... even if you have just a lot of TL lights... it could make a difference...

Still... 30% on your entire consumption is a lot...