Powerline adaptor alternative to wifi and hardwire

Hi All
I have a second installation at my rental house however it has consistently been erratic frequently dropping its connection to flukso etc (globe out) however wifi still solid. Sometimes it's up for a week + and others its every 1-2-3 days.....was frustrating. Luckily it's located just around the corner from me so I'd pop over and pull the plug and let it reboot and reconnect etc.

I've put it down to very low wifi signal about 21db (with the meter box open) combined with the additional 6+ wifi network in the area all in the 95db range.
The meter box is doing a really good job at attenuating/shielding my wifi signal.

I was considering a wifi extender however these can reduce your network performance, installing a dedicated hard wire connection was also out (I'm too lazy) so I opted for power line adapter solution and purchased a Netcomm Powerline adapter kit NP204. $90AUD

Install was easy.
These adapters have an AC pass through socket so you can utilize the power outlets you are currently using for your router and the fluksometer. The kit even includes two one meter ethernet cables, one for connection between one powerline adaptor and your router and the other to connect the other powerline adapter to your fluksometer.
I had the fluksometer back up and running in minutes after I remembered I had to toggle the Flukso to ethernet.

The system has only been back up for a number of hrs so I'll report back in a week or so with some feedback but this seems to be a good alternative to wifi or deciated hard wiring in difficult installations.

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I use a Powerline ethernet adapter in my home. It's been operating without a hitch for two years. I'm getting around 220 Mbit/sec with it. (That's across two phases or my three-phase supply.) If you need something faster and more reliable than wifi, and you have power lines between the two endpoints, give this a shot. It certainly worked for me, and better than I expected.


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Just reporting back, network connection has been rock solid without any dropouts since the change over to the PowerLine adapters. Very happy.

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just adding mein2p

some years back a friend gave me some linksys plk200 pair. they worked well enough but for some reason needed resetting several times a month. ended up passing them on to another friend, and then found myself in regret, needing the same kind of device.

settled on zyxel PLA407, USD50 for the pair, upgraded the firmware just for the heck of it, no problems for months now. I think the non-AC-passthru equivalent is a bit less expensive. but it's nice to have the extra AC socket.

NB: I do not in fact use these on my flukso, but on my main desktop. I almost considered getting a 2nd pair for the flukso because it lives 2 floors down from the main wireless, and the stock flukso antenna did not quite cut it. but !LUCK! I had a spare hi-gain RP-SMA antenna with long cable sitting idle - hooked that to the flukso, stretched the cable as high as it could go, and - problem solved.

but otherwise I heartily recommend a quality pair of powerline adapters. even if you think the wiring in your house isn't the best (I certainly can attest) - these things somehow work auto-magically well. across different breakers. it's almost scary. in the NA/US, there has been some good success of telcos using this technology as "last mile" broadband to rural areas.

(of course, in terms of the flukso, you would have to mess with its LAN settings unless your network is already on 192.168.255.x)

also if you are super paranoid like me (look, a lot of my telecom work is forensic security), various models have built in encryption, just in case you worry that your neighbors may want to snoop into your tcp/ip-over-AC. (hey, it's possible. also wasn't the US NSA in the news lately? hmm)