Seyup screen has changed after I tried to log in this morning , cannot open to get to settings?


Any ideas?

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it looks like you're using internet explorer, have you tried mozilla or chrome or opera? simply to see if it's the same result.

I tried just now using IE8 and the page looks marginally closer to how it should look but mine also says "You are using an outdated browser. Upgrade your browser today" (not sure if that message is being generated by MSIE or by the flukso web UI code or what) - and I can click each tab but every single page shows errors in red and not the correct values.

I don't bother updating IE because I never use it, but it seems like the latest flukso web UI may have some newer javascript (e.g. json or ajax or other library) and/or html5 type stuff that is not supported with older browser? maybe update to IE10 if you don't already?

alternate dumb question - are you using any sort of adblock or e.g. the MSIE equivalent of noscript (if there is such a thing)?

in firefox I'm using noscript (had to be set to allow the IP of the flukso) and ghostery (didn't need to allow anything extra for the IP) - but I think on the older flukso web UI, before v223, I'm not sure if I had to do any of that.

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It was working OK yesterday with IE9. Today thats what I get.
Dont want IE10 as as when Windows update put it on my machine I had download speed issues that went when I undid changes.

On Chrome:
Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

So.. No Minute readings, No access to Setup page .. ggrrrrr

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restart your flukso? or only http?

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Its a new flukso 2B so has the latest firmware.
Reset, only by turning off. Not wanting to set it alll up again....yet.
Last time I had issues Bart had a go at me for resetting the unit :(

What do you mean by using http? Isnt that what im doing ?

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If you go into ssh, you will see a logon to the box as root.

do a ps -ef for running processes

root@flukso:~# ps -ef |grep http
949 root 1512 S /usr/sbin/uhttpd -f -h /www -r flukso-8c4905 -x /cgi-
953 root 1504 S /usr/sbin/uhttpd -f -h /www -r flukso-8c4905 -x /sens

to do a restart for only http:
/etc/init.d/uhttpd restart

If this resolves your issue problem was only related to the web engine.
I can acces my web interface via wifi, done by opening firewall for wifi, how do you connect?


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I could open by wifi yesterday too.
I have a program called Putty. I put in it and I get a blank black box.
Then a message, connection error timed out.

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I had a look at the DHCP client list under Lan in my Router. It shows the mac addy for the Flukso (eth/lan) as so I typed that into a web page but it gave the same screen as the link in 2nd post above.

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Ive just tried anothe laptop with LAn plugged in and wireless.
This time the page opens.

You get the sign in " root" / "Password".
I hit "sign inN but on both ways it just sits further progress :(

If I dont hear back Ill do a full reset. in a few hours time.

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Login via Putty root/root

Can you do a ping?


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Cant log in with Putty.
Tried run cmd ping


Request timed out

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I tried

and it pinged ok

That number is associated with wifi/wan mac addy on base of flukso.

I typed it into Putty and it said connection refused?
On web page it just gave pic as in post 2 above.

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Hi Bazzle,

1/ r223 uses a new configuration interface requiring IE9+ or any recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
2/ You most likely have a connectivity issue with your FLM. The browser is showing you the HTML it's got in its cache but it's not using the CSS to render it in a pretty way.
3/ It's essential to know which reporting mode you're in: wifi or ethernet. The wifi LED behaviour has been made more consistent in r223. Off means ethernet mode, blinking on means wifi mode.
4/ If it's wifi, the ethernet port is configured as a DHCP server, handing out IP addresses to your laptop in the 192.168.255.x range. It shouldn't be necessary, but you can disable the wifi on the laptop and try again.
5/ If it's ethernet, you have to hook up the FLM to a router, not directly to your laptop.


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Its in wifi mode for the above replys. Tried Int ex 9.0.8112 and Chrome Version 27.0.1453.116 m.
Same as pic 2.
Tried plugging in the eth cable into laptop (automatically disables wireless) FLM in wifi mode.
No go.

Changed mode to ethernt (no wifi light)
Ran cat5 to router. Cant see it on pc on 255.1 or 0.29

Plugged laptop directly to flm.
Can see setup page on
Click sign in... nothing happens.

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can see sign in page on laptop too in wifi. Opens page click sign in.... nothing
rest router, turned pc on and off etc .
Sending data to Flukso site ok.
Time to reset FLM me thinks, do I have your permission :)

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I am also on 223 on chrome 27.0.1453.116 windows 7 and ubuntu

Remove alls temp files but maybe just a restart is enough.


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Leave the FLM running for now. If it's got internet connectivity, I want to have a peak first to see what's going on internally. I'll let you know when I'm finished.

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I've just punched a hole in your FLM's firewall so that you can access the config pages via wifi. You should see the login page when pointing your browser to Can you confirm?

Does the ethernet LED light up when you connect the laptop to the FLM via ethernet?

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Cant browse to addy.

Led on with pc connected.
Cant browse thru ethernet either

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Im going to reset all at 10am local time (14mins)

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All open for viewing again after full reset.

Bart if you could help me to get the Minute Tab working on this model it would be most apreciated.

(see othe post)