Purchasing a Flukso

A few people I know want (or did want ) a Flukso. They are not on sale due to the "new" one coming?
Sales are going to other equipment suppliers. Why cant the V2 model still be obtained?
I promote the unit on forums etc but not much point anymore.
People wont wait :(

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I want to purchase an extra 50A CT for my FLM02. Does anyone know where I can get one, or a CT with the same specifications - which I think is 5V @50A with 6k8 ohm impedance.

Also keen to buy a new Flukso when they arrive, still no update on when?

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Might be better off with a din rail kw/h meter with pulse out.

Not much happening on this site anymore sadly.

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I have a need to monitor 4 x power circuits and I have been trying to hold off until FLM03 is released. But I will make do with my FLM02B which I purchased with just one CT. So, now I have purchased 2 x kwh meters with S0 outputs and I have also found this CT which I think is close to the flukso CT specs: http://www.magnelab.com/products/current-transformer-basics-dct-0010/

Hopefully FLM03 will see production in the not too distant future and things will fire up again on this site.

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I hoop Bart can add more tech specs to that page: input specs, new features, clamp compatibility,...

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So far I've had no luck. I placed an order for a CT but Bart pointed out these new CT's don't work with FLM02. Looks like I will have to go back and try the magnelab one. It also looks like I have made a donation to Flusko, my order has been cancelled but not the payment :-(

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Refund is all sorted now, it just got delayed. Also, Bart pointed out one other detail, the FLM03 version for Australia is not available yet.