PV production during the night ?

Hallo All,

How is it possible that Flukso records PV output during the night.

My Pv array is monitored by A : Solaredge ( Manufacturer of the inverter )
B : Qurrent ( for my wife Jacqy )
C : Flukso

The measurements are provided by 2 din rail meters in series S0 output 1 to Qurrent and 1 to Flukso.

A you can see in the attachments Solaredge no production, Qurrent no production, Flukso production just 5 watt but if you add it all up its about 30 to 35 wh.

Your input to solve this is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Ron,

A small amount of power seen during the night is a consequence of using a pulse input. With a pulse input we're only able to tell the amount of energy produced/consumed in between two pulses. The power between two pulses equals the DIN-rail meter constant divided by the time between these two consecutive pulses. However, a 5W residual power does seem a bit high. With a 1Wh/pulse meter constant, that would mean your DIN-rail meter is still generating 5 pulses/hour at night, which seems unlikely. This 5W could also be due to a rounding error in the time series database or in visualisation code. I'll look at this in more detail and report back when I find a root cause.


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Ive used pulse kw/h meter for some time now. I get '0' on the red line at night.
Only when I used a Cclamp I got readings.


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Hello Bart,

It seems that I found the root of my "problem", the DIN rail meter connected to Flukso seems to be bidirectional it measures the consumption of my inverter during the night.

I have changed the output of my 2 DIN rail meters and now the production shows in the graph of My Qurrent monitor instead of Flukso.
Later on I switched my inverter of and must to my surprise the output drop to zero, after an hour switched the inverter on again and the measurement showed production/consumption.

The Din rail meter suppled by Velleman EMDIN01.

My conclusion is that the readings in Flukso are OK.

Regards Ron