I got my Fluksometer yesterday and did the initial LAN/WIFI configuration in order to integrate the Fluksometer int my home network and everything seemed ok. Then I found out, that I entered a wrong SSID in the WIFI section. I did a reset (>60 sec Toggle). Then I restarted the Fluksometer (power on/off) and got the follwing error message:

/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:284: No valid theme found
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'assert'
/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:284: in function 'dispatch'
/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:195: in function

I could access all the status screens, but could NOT change
any setting. What should I do?

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Tried clearing the browser cache? And then went for a re-logon?

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You have to do a reset a little longer perhaps...
From the manual:
Restore firmware Keep the button pressed for between 60 and 120 seconds
to restore the Fluksometer’s stock firmware 3 and reboot. You will have
to reconfigure all network and sensor settings. Connect to the local web
interface after the heartbeat LED starts blinking again.

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I tried both suggestions. No result.

The device shows NO reaction on a ~150sec button press. Power on, blinking heartbeat and WAN (computer is connected via cable) LEDs during the whole (button press) time. After the release of the button, same behavior. No signs of a reboot. So I did a power off/on after waiting some minutes. Device reboots, Power on LED is on, heartbeat is on, not blinking, Global LED on, WAN on. After some time, Global goes off and Heartbeat starts pulsing. Browser cache is empty.
I enter 192,168,255,1 in the browser and a login screen appears with user and password already prefilled (root/root). Whe I hit 'login' then comes a status page wher I can look at 'status', 'wifi', 'sensor', 'services' and 'syslog' but NO choice to enter configuration data.

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Hello Gerhard,

The pulsing heartbeat is an indication that your FLM is up and running. You're able to log into the local configuration pages. After logging in, point your browser to the wifi page and wait a bit. The FLM takes some time to retrieve the available wifi stations and then displays them in the SSID dropdown box. Just select the SSID of the wifi network you wish to connect to, enter the passphrase and your FLM should have internet connectivity. Make sure to save your local sensor settings when the FLM is connected to the internet so that it can synchronize these settings with the Flukso server.

The original error was due to your browser's cache rendering an old configuration interface after you upgraded the FLM to the latest r232 firmware version.


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Nice to hear that the Flukso is not bricked :-)

My wireless router normally sends no SSID broadcast. So the router cannot be seen by the Flukso.
When I switch on the SSID broadcast, then the Flukso connects to the router but he has no connection to the Internet because with the IP he is in an different network than everything else in this house. (The global LED is off)
I want to integrate the Flukso in my network here with a fixed IP adress ( in order to access it from an Adroid Tablet. ) DHCP does not work, because the IP may change.
So I need to change to a fixed IP adress, Subnet mask, DNS server...


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--- DHCP does not work, because the IP may change.

Sometimes there is the possibility on a router to link an IP address with a mac address so that with DHCP the same IP is assigned each time. I have an Apple Airport Express where I assign a fixed IP even with DHCP (Network tab --> DHCP reservations). In that way my Flukso is always at the same IP even with wireless.

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dito for any current openWRT based, netgear, tp-link, D-Link, etc. router... There should be an option to "statically" assignment IP addresses to MAC, thus hardware-based IDs that is distributed then via DHCP, mostly in the LAN configuration; DHCP itself is not the cause for a changing IP address...

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I did also whitelist the mac adres of the Flukso in my BBox3 (Technicolor)
Wifi-2,4 Ghz > Algemene instellingen > Toon Geavanceerde instellingen > Mac-filtering
And lease time set to 86400 seconds
Mijn Modem > DHCPv4 > Leasetijd