Q re accuracy of device.

Eg if my (digital) power company electricity meter says that I have used 100.0 kWh in a given period of time, what is the accuracy (min/max) of flukso?

Also what is the drop-out level, eg minimum current level in the main supply cable that it can read accurately.

Also, can I input cost per kWh for various times (eg peak power, and night rate) and calculate expected bill?

I have already in the past spent several weeks running around the house checking everything individually with a kill-a-watt meter, so this is the ideal next purchase. I am in the UK and it is a domestic single phase supply, so an indication of cost inc delivery, and delivery time, would be great.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi John,

1/ See this blog post on testing the Flukso sensor board.

2/ The lowest power level we can measure is 12.7W for a 230V supply and 50A clamps.

3/ No. But you can use the API to export your data. Mathias has a Ruby gem available to log your readings to a local SQLite DB. Converting to kWh to expected bill would make a nice app.

Pricing information can be obtained here. For a precise quote, use the contact form for now.


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The link for "the API to export your data" doesn't work. The browser complains about an infinite redirection. :-(

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Ooops. Should be fixed now.