R246 release notes

This latest FLM02 release has been in the pipeline for quite a while, but for good reason. The highlights of this release include initial support for the FluksoKube, the upcoming battery-powered sensor node, as well as a new time series storage format called Tmpo. Both topics were introduced at EC1404, the latest elektro-camp to date, see the respective presentations here and here. Once you upgrade your FLM to this r24x firmware, it will start logging your sensor readings in Tmpo format in parallel to the existing data path. Sensor data will still be available via the existing API in the 'old' format as well.

Both the Kube and Tmpo functionality will be described in more detail in future blog posts. Further improvements included in this release:

  • A heartbeat LED that can be reconfigured to signal the current logic level on pulse port 4 or 5. This helps in calibrating the FLS04 opto-reflective sensor, to be added to the Flukso web shop shortly.
  • Support for the DSMR4.0 Dutch smart meter standard. You can now select between the 2.2 and 4.0 protocol in the local FLM UI.
  • A 5ms pulse masking on pulse ports suppressing any spurious transitions.
  • A basic real-time logging of MQTT sensor topics in the UI using the Paho MQTT/Websockets JS library.
  • Logging of fractional counter values, which fixes the r232 known issue of real-time readings not being correct for pulse inputs with meter constants that are is not an integer fraction.

If you have a Fluksometer serial in the FL02xxxxxx or FL03xxxxxx range, you can now upgrade your FLM via a simple click on the settings (cogwheels in the top right corner) > devices page. The actual upgrade will take place on the next hourly FLM heartbeat. Make sure to keep your FLM humming during a scheduled upgrade.