Reading Smart Meter P1 port with FLM03E

I’ve been using the Flukso FLM03E for a while now with current clamps and reed sensors for water and gas. This is working fine, but I was wondering if anyone has succeeded in connecting their Flukso FLM03E port 7 to the P1 port of a smart meter (Dutch, Belgian or other)?
Should we connect the Data_RxD (pin 5) and Data_GND (pin 3) to terminals a & b of the FLM03E port 7, with 5V on the Data_RTS (pin 2)?
On the other side, the manual indicates that the firmware doesn’t support this yet:

Google shows some references of connecting the FLM02B to a P1 port, but nowhere a reference of the FLM03E.
Has anyone been able to make this work on an FLM03E? If so, how?

Experiences or feedback more than welcome!

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I'm also very interested in fixing this at my homelab #KermtStroomt.

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In the meantime other companies are doing what they have to do. A survey can be found on
Do we have to keep on waiting for a flukso solution or do we have to look for another system?