Report energy data to own server


i assume it is possible to report the real time energy data to an own entity instead of reporting to Is the procedure and data format for this described anywhere?



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It's opensource, so yes you can. is also compatible with flukso's website api (not directly with the flukso)

helgemeyer's picture will also be supported, right?

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Please note: As can be seen from the homepage, Fraunhofer uses an altered firmware for its FLMs that routes the FLM output not to but (--> ).
In consequence: From the FLM's source it can be detected that holds (at least one part of) the data transmission target.
In the first place the manual is always a good source of information: The "real time data" can be accessed through the local API of the FLM as described in chapter 3.6, page 14 ff. - you may use this for own convenience. also provides means to access FLM data; but I guess they go through the
As open source offers the capability to be altered for whatever purpose, yes, certainly there is no restriction to ;-)
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Hi Markus,

thanks for your comment. Does this mean, when I change the wan_base_url to my own server, flukso will report the energy usage to my own server. Is there any documentation on these configuration parameters and on the communication format used between the flukso and the back-end. Any information on this would be very helpful.

I used the local API before and that seems to work, but I prefer not to use polling to get the energy data.