S0 output compatibility

My (Email P1) electricity meter's S0 output is rated at a maximum of 2mA.
Will this be compatible with the Fluksometer's pulse output?
I currently use a clamp but am looking for more accuracy

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That sounds a bit strange; S0 is specified as open collector, so it is actually just short-circuiting a supply by the FLM. I assume that the right interpretation is "the occurring load by the S0 is not larger than 2mA" with respect to capable pulse detection within the provided parameters. Kamstrup, for example, tells "The maximum voltage, which may be connected to the S0 output, is 27 VDC (at 1 kΩ), and the maximum current, which may be drawn through the output, is 27 mA." - in any case there should be no issue with the FLM as the pulse inputs directly feed into a microcontroller's port that detects a pulse against ground potential pulled up internally.
Maybe a bit too technical - in short, if it is S0 then it should work.

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Hi Gebhardm
Thanks for that. all good, I will go ahead and hook it up. I was interested in checking before i went and cooked the Fluksometer!