Need help.

Dear Flukso community,

I'm not sure which current clamps I need to order and if I can connect any probe to my Water/Gaz. Could you please check the pictures at this link?

Thanks for your support!


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Water/Gas - check with a compass if you get readings from a magnet; at least the gas meter has something with "1 imp..." in the display window what sounds promising.
Electricity looks like three phase, so three clamps with 50A should work; but to be sure, a Belgian fluksonian should also have a look.
Regards, Markus

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Our local expert in Belgium is Bram. For details:

If your gas meter has a small mirror on the last digit 6 you could use an optical device. More at:

But as Markus mentioned, it is likely to have a magnet incorporated. That empty rectangular space just above the digits looks like a excellent spot to start hunting with a compass.

Your water meter looks like mine (fairly new). I found a small hole in the bottom part. It was sealed with a removable, black plastic stopper. I used a reed switch, pushing it into the hole until I got a reading. The reed switch was salvaged from a broken bicycle speedometer.