Scale on Flukso dash


I just received my flukso and made a quick installation in order to test the device. Surprisingly simple!

Now, I am test the online dashboard and found something I cannot understand:

-My setup has two clamps (2 phases, 127V each)
-I have more or less one hour of data so far

When I select cumulative Wh unit and 1 hour interval I have a max of 510watts accumulated so far in Phase 1 and around 345watts accumulated so far in Phase 2. The weird thing is if I change the interval to day, Phase 1 shows 897 watts and 671 watts on Phase 2.

Why this huge difference? I don't have older data accounting for day that is being not accounted for hour (at least the dash does not show it).


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A cumulative chart will display energy in Wh, not in Watts, which is a power unit. Selecting a bigger interval means integration over a larger timespan. So you can expect the amount of Wh reported in the chart to increase from hour to day to month to year.

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Hi ICARURS75 (Bart?)

First of all, thanks for answer. Second, sorry for being lazzy, where I wrote watts I meant Wh for sure! So I understand that one day accumulated power consumption is more than one hour. However, at that point in time I have less than one day logged (I just had hooked FLM).

What I am trying to say is:

-FLM was metering for less than one hour
-Total data stored in server was less than one hour

So, with my total amount of readings fit in only one hour, I understand the cumulative graph should display same amount of power consumed (wh) no matter I select one hour or one day scale!

My doubt is, how can FLM displays different cumulative consumption for two different scales if the data domain it has is smaller than the smallest scale? (i.e. has only 45 minutes of meter and displays different cumulative for day and hour) If I understand it right there is no way to guess the day consumption having only 45 minutes readings, so again if I understood it, one hour scale and one day scale at that specific moment should be displaying same numbers.

Now that I have almost two days of readings one day will always be bigger than one hour, sure.


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I am a new (happy) user and have a question about the grafical display.
When i have a power consumtion of 250 watt for 1 hour, i have used 250 Wh but wen i swiched to the Wh scale it says i only used 60 Wh. (left side scale)
Where do i go wrong ?

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How is it after a few days of collecting data after it averages out?