3 clamps + 3 pulse meters with 1 flukso

Is it possible to convert Port 6 to pulse port somehow?
I would like to connect 3 clamps +3 pulse meters. But don't what to buy second fluksometer

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Port 6 is an RS485 port. It can't easily be converted to a pulse port.

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So the only way is to buy second unit ?
is there any "cheaper" alternatives (units or extensions) which can work with flukso together?

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Is there a possibility of an add on that converts pulse to RS485 or CC input?
As you can see there are lots of us who need the extra pulse port.


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The FLM02B (which uses the new v2.2 sensor board) will allow you to choose between 3x analog + 2x pulse or 1x analog + 4x pulse.

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Not really an option for me :) I still need 3phases

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The FLM02B is a new hardware, isn't it? No chance of upgrading existing FLMs?

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Bart said that the v2.2 sensor board will also be available for "old" FLMs; technically the dragino base hasn't been altered...

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Does anyone knows when it will be available? Can't wait ... - Jos

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The FLM02B is indeed based on the same mother board. However, during development it became apparent that a.o. the bootloader needed to be tweaked for the FLM02B to boot reliably. Retrofitting a v2.2 board on a current FLM02A will not work.

I plan to release the FLM02B hardware as soon as possible. Not all functionality will be available through the GUI from the start. But that can be fixed later via a firmware upgrade.

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any eta on the FLM02B yet please?