synchronisation with sensor board failed Internal error

After selecting upgrade, the FLM has several errors that have me concerned.

On the FLM's status page it now correctly reports firmware version 232 however there is an error message.
{"message":"Method not found.","code":-32601}
The message is displayed at the top of the status page in red.
In the status field is says.
Status synchronisation with sensor board failed Internal error. Please report this error message to Flukso.

On the syslog page i see correct pulse processed messages and POST messages but i also have the following message.

Nov 6 10:25:04 flukso-569bd8 user.err fsync[1049]: fsync exit status: 3, synchronisation with sensor board failed

I thought this might be the same issue reported on but i checked the two files and there were no extra lines in the files. I did add my FLM's serial number to the /etc/config/system file to see if that was causing the problem. It was listed as Unknown before i added the correct serial number (FL02001982). Although the status page now reports the correct serial number it has not fixed any of the other issues.

I read an old forum post with similar symptoms where icarus75 went in remotely and fixed the failed sensor board flash.

Might this be the same issue and require the same fix?