Change of output when reporting to PVOutput

I have my flukso reporting to PVOutput. At the end of the day for some reason the flukso changes the output. For example today changed from this to this .Not a big change today ,but other days it is a lot more. Up to a few kWh's, so quite a lot sometimes .

Does anybody have any ides what might be happening? I would like to have it reporting more accurately than this if possible. Thanks for any ideas on how to get this right .

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Hello, I can't figure this out. Do you mean the difference occurs with consumption or with the PV yield? Also, it seems you have two accounts with PVOutput and when looking at the daily outputs, PV yield is quite the same. Maybe PVOutput registers consumption from the two accounts at slightly different intervals, hence the difference? - Jos

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Same thing here.
You will also notice that PVOutput kWh value is different when you look at the "live" chart and the "daily" chart.
There are also differences between total daily kWh between Flukso and PVOutput...

In addition, I had my Internet disconnected yesterday night.
Althought Flukso is recovering the data saved in the Fluksometer and displays it correctly, PVOutput does not update its chart with the retrieved data... roomfor improvement indeed.

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How are you uploading to PVoutput? With PVBeancounter or something else?


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I upload using beancounter. I also have the same system using the SMA webconnect module to report to pvoutput as well. The webconnect reports the outputs correctly, whereas tne flukso reading do change. I will take screenshots next time and see if I can get the different outputs.

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I haven't checked if consumption changes. The yield certainly changes every day at the end of the day for some reason.

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@ Michi
I use PVO only for consumption (Elect + Water, although readings are in kW).

Data is uploaded automatically to PVOutput (5min interval). I just configured PVO's setting page with my sensor ID and Token.

Discrepancy in PVO daily and live is the calculation of cost (€) ,not kWh (my mistake in the previous post).

See (elec)
and (Water : 1000w =1 liter and 2kWh = 1 L for cumulated consumption).

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Erratum in previous post : Water : 1000w =1 liter and 1 kWh = 1 L for cumulated consumption

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In both cases, different system IDs are involved:

24548 and 23929

19069 and 20707

It looks like both of you are logging twice to different system IDs for some reason. Not sure how that explains the discrepancy, but I suspect that might have something to do with it.

If you can't figure it out, you could ask bankstownbloke here:

He runs PVOutput and is super helpful!



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Have you tried the direct Flukso to PVoutput setup?

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@BAZZLE. Yes I am using the direct flukso to PVOutPut setup.