hello there

i had to install my flukso outside because my powerpanel is there.
It is protected but very cold....

so my question :
what are working conditions for the device ?
at the moment we have - 15C...


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Hello Christoph,

The FLM uses commercial temp range components. So recommended operating temps are 0°-70°C and indoor use. Since there are no moving parts (well, except for the electrons) inside the FLM, I would expect it to be able to cope with -15°C. Furthermore, the main chip will dissipate heat during operation, raising temperature within the enclosure by some degrees.

Let me know how the FLM copes with these frosty conditions.


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pure temp wise it can go a lot colder, but what you have to worry about is condensation; when there are big temp fluctuations condensation might short circuit the internals;