Time displayed in the dashboard graph

Hi, I'm new to Flukso and am monitoring my rental property from overseas. My time zone here is +7GMT and the time zone there is +9:30GMT.

I notice when I log in here and view the graph, the electricity usage is displayed in +7GMT time. When I get a family member to log in back home in Australia, the time is displayed in +9:30GMT. Is there any way to get the graph to always display in +9:30GMT time (the timezone where the house is located)?

I have already tried the timezone settings on this website but it doesn't have any effect. I think it just changes the times displayed on this forum.


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The Flukso dash checks your computer's time zone settings and adapts the chart's time axis accordingly. So if you prefer to see the dash in a different time zone, just adapt the TZ on your computer, then reload the dash page twice.