Sensor graph stopped a day ago , but device heartbeat is very recent

I have 2 Flukso's at different locations , each locally connected to a wifi network.
They where both initially working.
By working I mean when i logged into dash account there was 2 lines on the graph - ie one for the sensor from each flukso's.

(Each has just one port monitoring the electricity consumption for the respective house.)

However one graph stopped at exactly Fri July 25 12:00

However, devices webpage shows last heartbeat received (from the flukso) at 26 Jul 2014 16:01:06 . ie very recently.

Question is, why has the graph (for this flukso) with this sensor stopped?


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I checked your graphs and can see two lines plotted on the day chart. Does this mean the issue is solved?

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Yes , one wire from the current clamp, cable was not in good contact with the screw clamp socket thing on the flukso. Fixing the cable to flukso connection , reading started again.
( Must have been a co-incident that the last reading was at exactly Fri July 25 12:00 )