unable to use minute feature

i got the flukso v2 running yesterday and everything worked great (hour view, day view, ...), even the minute feature,

switched a few lights and everything got registered perfect,

a few moments later the minute view stopped, when i click it again it says:

×Error - The call for sensor verbruik3 experienced a timeout. You are probably not in the same local network as the FLM.

today it didn't work until half an hour ago, then it suddenly worked, but now it isn't working anymore,

didn't change antything, tried different browsers, chrome, internet explorer, firefox, ...

i tried the special command for chrome to load insecure content.. but nothing

also i can't get into the flukso anymore, with laptop hooked up to the same router i can't ping it or find the device when i use ipconfig in command, when i try it looks like your getting into the flukso but then it says it can't find the page

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I have to have a seperate lan cable (cat5) running from the Flukso to my my router.
In the router I have found its assigned address and made it permanent.
Then I can see it on my main pc BUT other pc's on my network cannot see it?
I must admit mine like yours did not always work.
At times I would try to log on and got same result, cant find it.
I have fiddled / reset/rebooted numerous times before it seems to settle down.
Sometimes it allowed me to set up and then later I could not read from pc. :(

Initially it seems to take my unit up to an hour for the minute tab to work.
Then the minute tab will work for a few minutes at a time but needs a reset on browser page to show again. That seems to be the way it it works.

I think the unit is good but has some inherent issues a normal hack like me cant resolve.

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One thing I had to do was cycle thru the reset button press of lan/wireless/lan/wireless to get it to see the Flukso, each time waiting about 30mins to settle down.

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Saying that whilst typing I logged in OK :).
I then tryed again after finishing the message and cant see the Flukso again...grrrrrrrrrr

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also, when you use the reset button, how do you know it switched from lan to wireless or from wireless to lan?

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The light changes from a 3 second flash to something else :) :)
Mine sometimes flashes slowly, sometimes gives a couple of flashes and then a slow flash, but seems to settle down to approx 3 second interval when on wireless.
It seems you have to wait 1/2 an hour or so for it to stabilise.

After my earlier post above I opened a new browser page and could see the FLM. :)
Just tried again and can not see it again... :(
Windows 7 Network diagnostics says "The Remote Device or Resource will not accept the connection."
Thats what it also said earlier but then later it worked. Has always been like this but no one cares :( cry)


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1/ Please have a look at this comment explaining in more detail the wifi and ethernet mode.
2/ Note that in wifi mode the ethernet interface will have a fixed IP of The wifi interface will obtain an IP from the router. In ethernet mode, the wifi is disabled and the ethernet interface will obtain an IP from the router. It all boils down to whether the FLM is a DHCP master or slave.
3/ The FLM does not need 1/2 hour to 'settle down'. Maybe a minute or so to restart its network stack after a toggle.
4/ For the real-time charting you need to be hooked up to your local network (not directly connected to the FLM via ethernet cable in any way).
5/ The robustness of the real-time charting should indeed improve. If any of the calls to the FLM's local API fails, it will stop and report the timeout error. So if you have a small wifi hick-up while rendering the real-time chart, this can cause a call to fail and the chart will stop updating.