Very strange problem with the EE range meassurement :(


I've just received and "installed" the Fluksometer. Really, I'm trying to test it first meassuring the EE consumption of one individual appliance.

I'm using a 50A clamp and 230V in my sensor nº1...

The problem is that, you can see in the file attached, Fluksometer indication is 11 W ... but the real data (Current Cost's EnviR meassure) is really about 145 W .

The Fluksometer read ... it live... and the voltage output from the clamp is 8.3 mV.

Any idea to explain this strange behaviour?

Best regards and thank you in advance


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How did you try to measure the appliance? Be sure to put the clamp just around the live wire, not both, live and return...

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Thanks Gebhardm for your help.

Teorically, I put the clamp just around the live wire.. as previously I did with the CurrentCost clamp :)

Anyway, I take off the clamp ... and putted in the return wire... and now it's working properly :)

Best regards


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Could be that the clamp wasn't fully closed the first time.