V250 wifi access

Hi, I am running a FLM2a for 6 years. I used to get ssh access via wan, but somehow it does not work anymore. I suspect it is due to the firmware upgrade to V250 I did about a year ago . Could somebody explain whether the V250 should offer WAN (wifi) SSH access by default? I can only find some instructions concerning option input 'ACCEPT' which seem to be written for older firmware, since my FLM already has such a line for the config zone wan. Also, the web server panel on port 8080 does not accept the credentials for root (I reconfigured the password). I did not find instructions on https://github.com/flukso/flm02/wiki , which seems the most recent manual for the device.

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Perform an uci show to see how the parameters are called; with respect to v250 it is still


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I tried to set the encryption to psk2+tkip+ccmp, but to no avail. I discovered the network setting for the wireless interface is 'wireless.@wifi-iface[0].network=lan' . Note that I am inspecting these in ethernet reporting mode (wired ssh). Shouldn't this be wan instead of lan?

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My FLM is connected through wifi (globe led on, heartbeats received at flukso.net). However it cannot be found through nmap (host down). I wanted to check the open ports (which works fine when connected through ethernet). FLM firewall issue?

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@wkraaij When the FLM02 is in eth reporting mode, the wifi itf is mapped to lan. So make sure you're in wifi reporting mode first so that wifi is mapped to wan instead. The firewall will by default block all incoming connections on the wan itf, except for some specific ports. To disable the firewall on the wan itf change your configuration like so:

  1. uci set firewall.@zone[1].input=ACCEPT
  2. uci commit
  3. /etc/init.d/firewall restart

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@icarus75 how do I access the FLM02 shell while in wifi reporting mode? (when ssh is blocked)

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Solved the ssh access via Wi-Fi. The key is to make changes to the firewall, WHILE the device is in Wi-Fi reporting mode, through an ethernet cable on the specified IP address. Making changes to the firewall while in ethernet reporting mode is not relevant. Perhaps this could be made more clear in the documentation at https://github.com/flukso/flm02/wiki#configurationlocal-flm-access-via-wifi