FLM v3: Allow further pulse ports to be added via RFM

By hardware the number of measuring ports directly accessible with an FLM v3 is limited. Yet from the software side this is no "real" limitation. With the capability to add Kubes (please provide them in the store :-)) this is a matter of just a "special kube with pulse input" (if not already existing)
This should actually be the most simple type of Kube that takes defined pulses and sends these to the FLM.
Providing such would also allow to fill the air gap if water meter, gas meter and electricity access are not in the same room. And a battery powered input device would also be no problem, as with the JeeNode experience batteries can be made lasting "forever"...

Ref to https://www.flukso.net/content/flukso-3-set-ports-1-3-s0

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As a matter of fact, this can already be done with the Kube. Instead of mounting the PIR, we solder a 2-input screw terminal to the front. For the Kubes to make their way to the store, we'll have to write a decent manual first.