v2b shows blank Minute graph

Per previous thread I've allowed loading mixed content in my Firefox browser, or added v2b IP to local sites in IE. Unfortunately doing so did not help displaying minute resolution graph. Iphone with Chrome and Safari displays blank graph as well.

In firefox, after allowing mixed content debugger displays the following over and over again:

Loading mixed (insecure) active content on a secure page ""[Learn More] js_2c89621c021c921fa432fae7a601291e.js:7985
Loading mixed (insecure) active content on a secure page ""[Learn More] js_2c89621c021c921fa432fae7a601291e.js:7985
GET[Mixed Content][HTTP/1.1 200 OK 301ms]
GET[Mixed Content][HTTP/1.1 200 OK 412ms]

yet the graph does not show.

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Same problem here (from the start 1½ weeks ago)

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OK I'm very new to this with only installing my Flukso last night and I have consumption capture via WIFI

If I understand correctly from all the the reading "minute" graph is only available when the Flukso unit is connected via cable to the local LAN, not on any mobile device, as the graph is then generated from the memory of the Flukso unit and not from the website database

However in saying that when I look at my "Hour" graph and put the mouse over the graph I can see the minute by minute watts used which is great info

But I'm a little confused and still learning !! BUT VERY Happy :-)


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Minute graph is touchy. Some browsers support it, some dont. I can see mine on my Apple iPad so it is on wifi. It did take a few hours to establish it self.

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IIRC the limitation of not being accessible via WiFi was dropped in a recent firmware release. I admit I haven't actually tried the minute graph, not part of my use case...

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I can access second data if I cut and paste the uri into the browser so I don't believe access to data is the issue here.

Just tested with iPod with the same result - nothing. I can see browser working every second or so, probably pulling data but nothing shows up om the graph, not even errors.

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I have a problem displaying minute graph which contains second interval data, just as your hour graph uses minute intervals.

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Same problem here with Crome / Firefox and Safari. Even if I allow to run the unsecure content.

I also get 200 OK
If I use the local url to get the realtime data it's working perfect.

I don't think this is the way to get the data from the Flukso. A better way would be to proxy it over flukso.net then it's secure and working on any browser.

That's how I do it on my website. Works perfect.

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It's still not working for me. I tried different browsers and settings. It would be nice if Flukso can fix this. :-)

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I just found some interesting information and tests about mixed content in recent browsers.


And with this link you can test your browser

  1. Mixed Content Handling (Experimental)
  3. Mixed Content
  4. Images  Passive Yes
  5. CSS     Active  Yes
  6. Scripts Active  Yes
  7. XMLHttpRequest  Active  Yes
  8. WebSockets      Active  Yes
  9. Frames  Active  Yes

Now i'm sure the mixed content is not the problem for me.
There must be another problem with the minute page.

I'm on chrome Version 35.0.1916.114