Water Flow meter

I don't have a meter that can be utilised for my Flukso..so I was looking on Ebay and found these.

There are lots like this. What I need info on is how to connect to a Flukso Pulse port.
Would I need a power supply/plug pack?

Thanks Baz

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The spec states Maximum current:15 mA(DC 5V); Working voltage range:DC 5~18 V, so sadly you cannot use port 6 to provide corresponding power directly from the FLM; so, yes, you would need a tiny 5V power supply - connection to an FLM's puls port then would be "yellow (pulse->+) black (ground->-)"
Rgds, Markus

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Given the switching parameters in the listing, my guess is that it switches a load on and off. To convert that into a pulse you'd need to drive some sort of circuit from it, which again would need to be powered. I picked up one of these:


which also has a readout on the meter (both as a backup and to verify that you're getting the digital reading right). Haven't had it put in yet but it's from a large German manufacturer, you can get the data sheets for the meter online.