USA customs - holy wow!


We are working to pre-clear the attached shipment under FedEx tracking/Air Waybill number [redacted] with Customs. In order to do this additional information is required.

Please provide a better description of the item listed on the commercial invoice.


Does this item emit or alter any radio frequencies?


LOL! this did not happen on my original flm02a + 2x fls01-100 order, and neither on the more recent 2b order.

either this is some recent "thing" (altho I order plenty of handheld ham radios from china ebay, as well as extra/better replacement antennas) or somebody in US customs is trying to make themselves look good?

more likely it is just typical random thing. I replied to them that Fls01-100 is a passive sensor that neither emits nor alters radio freqs. so hopefully that will be the end of it.

right now it is simply amusing, let's hope it does not turn into annoying ;-)