What is the number of the newest firmware ?

My browser is showing this as I try to show the "minute" om the Flukso webside:

Error - Real-time charting is not available on this Fluksometer. If you have an FLM02, then please upgrade to the latest firmware release on the my account -> devices page.

I am using the ver. 216 firmware.

What to do ?

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are you on the same network ?

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Mine is 215. Cant see where to update to 216?

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215 is the last one, 216 (beta) is only on request

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. Just remembered. That message comes up IF you havent logged in :)
Caught me out a few times as the site doesnt seem to remember log in info :(


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That helped on the iPad, but not always on the computer. Problem is biggest when I use Crome or Firefox, it sometimes workshop on IE.

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I found that unless I used IE the minute data was almost inaccessible.