Some quick Flukso Questions

Hi there everyone.

I have just installed my Flukso meter and have a few quick questions.

1. Am I correct in making the assumption that I cannot access the web interface to check settings etc via WiFi?
2. What is the upload rate on the Flukso. I notice that the data is granular enough to pick up per minute samples. But this is clearly not uploaded to the Flukso site each minute.
3. That said - is this why the minute view needs to be local. I am on the same network as the flukso. Why then can I not view its output when I click on the minute graph?
4. How long is the buffer if it cannot connect to the wifi for ?
5. This is set up on a remote site. The network rack power cycles once every 24 hours (in case something crashes when im not on site). Will the flukso automatically reconnect once the wifi comes back up again (after about 10 mins).


That ought to do for now !



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is there a wiki or something to that effect for the flukso ?

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use G**gle search with " " to search the forum; there should be an answer to every of your questions.
At 1) You have to open the FLM's firewall -->
At 2/4/5) See for example
At 3) The minute tab partly is a source of infinite joy; see one of the many forum discussions at
Help yourself by browsing the forum and looking at the "taxonomy" --> e.g. starting from
Happy fluksoing...
Regards, Markus

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Hey, I think I got it to work.

In fact I discovered a few things. The graphing in general is a bit buggy on chrome. And to get the Minute data working I had to enable the API and only use IE to view it - when it flipped out about insecure data I took the option to view it.

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I still think a wiki would be great. There is so much information that is hidden in the forums.