Wifi connection

I configured my flukso device but when i try to connect trow wifi to it, it doesnt give me a response.
I dont know what im doing wrong, anyone help?

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Hi, update
I can see the flukso sending data to website, however i dont think the data is very accurate.
I installed flukso with 73A owl clamps.
However i think im going to use the impulse from the meter to get it more accurate.
On my meter says im using 700w +/- but in website says its 400w

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I think i know more or less the problem.
The thing is the current clamps from owl are 71A and the options for flukso clamps are 50 or 100A.
When i change to 50A on flukso the reading drop 100w+/- from the real time meter.
When i put 100A on the flukso the reading go to 800w +/-
My meter reads 550 +/-

Mabe i can do some calculations to put it more accurate.
230 v x 71 A = 16330
163 v x 100A = 16300
327 v x 50A = 16350

Do you think i can do this trick because of A limitation?

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If the OWL current sensor is one of these http://home-energy-monitor.co.uk/?p=410 then it doesn't match the FLM's current clamp requirement; the FLM clamps contain a rectifier, have a range of 0-5V and an impedance of 6k8 Ohms. This matches the built in voltage divider which brings the output voltage down to 0-1V1 (proportional to the Amperes to measure) mapping to the analog-digital-converter input... So adapting the owl clamps is a bit more sophisticated than doing some maths... (luckily they are not roasting the inputs)