Minute tab in dash

Forgive me: I know this is an issue which is posted several times in this forum, but I tried really everything which is proposed as a solution and till now no success: the minute graph don't show up. I can't imagine that I'm the only one who have problems with this....

I know it's a problem with browsers and mixed content.

I tried several combinations:
- on Windows 7 with IE 11, Chrome 35 and FF 30;
- on MAC OS X 10.9.3 with Safari, Chrome 35 and FF;
- iPad;
- iPhone.

Each time mixed content has been enabled (as proposed as the ultimate solution) but only the well known message "timeout and not in the same local network" appears but no minute graph....

I work with a FLM v2b and I'm getting the 200 status code for the GET request.

Please some help to make the minute graph work, I'm getting a little frustrated....


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First the solution, then the problem. Markus Gebhard's combined 'flmdisplay' [1] and Pietro Spina's contribution to its implementation [2], work perfectly now and are relatively easy to set up.

The panel acts like a magnifying glass on minute changes in consumption two times per second [3], e.g. it detects switching on and off an 8 watt LED-light. I installed it on a headless Raspi but I see no reason it couldn't be made to run in OSX.

Now for the problem: I ran into exactly the same issues as above but I ended up blaming it on the infamous solution Micros--t once disguised as 'an unexpected display difference'. That is to say, you see something on your screen – in this case nothing - where in reality you should see a rapidly changing graph.

[1] https://github.com/gebhardm/flmdisplay
[2] https://www.flukso.net/content/how-mqtt-nicely-designed-gauges
[3] http://gysenbergs.info/photos/Screen-Shot-2014-07-02-at-11.24.54.jpg

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Nice, you use the combined version :-) "Ryton" started to dig into some issues that I will (partly) resolve with upcoming commits; so, if you find a bug, please let me know via github issues...
Preferred version of the persist/panel/chart service is https://github.com/gebhardm/flmdisplay/tree/master/combined - you may, of course, also use the single services to your convenience.
Regards, Markus

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Browsers are getting stricter in enforcing same origin and mixed content policies. I'm thinking about a definitive solution for the real-time readings. But you'll have to be a bit patient since not all components are in place for this yet.

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Thanks, Bart, then I think I'll sit and wait for I'm not a developer and the solution above doesn't accord my skills.....

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Helo Bart, I'm wondering if there is already an update for the real-time readings?

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I also tried about everything but the minute tab does not work :
- mac osx 10.10 yosemite beta
- chrome 39 developer

I run using the -allow-running-insecure-content flag, so i don't get the badge
When looking at the javascript console i see messages flashing that contain
warnings about insecure content

can anyone help?

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I've got it running on Google Chrome 38.0.2125.58 beta and Yosemite 10.10 beta: click on the lock icon to the left of address (URL) in the address bar, from there you can run unsafe scripts et voilà, there it is - the minute tab.

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It still does not work on my 10.10 Yosemite beta, using chrome Versie 39.0.2150.5 dev (64-bit).
I see the shield on the left of the star (on the right side of the of the navigation bar.
When I click on it, I can set it to run unsafe scripts.
After doing this, the shield disappears but i get a blank page.
When I go into the javascript console, I do see the script getting fired every second, with a yellow warning sign, however the page shown is still blank...
Is it because this is the first 64bit version of chrome?
Version 38 is still 32-bit I believe?
It would surprise me but of course it is possible?

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Yes indeed, Chrome version 38 is 32-bit. I just installed Version 39.0.2159.4 dev (64-bit) and, following the method you describe above, the minute tab appears just fine. Curious thing which (again) points to an 'unexpected display difference'.

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let's try to figure this out in more detail :
- it cannot be the brower difference
- it cannot be the os difference

what else:
- my flukso is connected via ethernet, not via wifi
- i have 3 phases attached to my flukso.

what about you?

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Looks the same to me except for the Chrome version number. Mine is 39.0.2159.4 dev (64-bit) and the phases. I have one phase consumption plus PV yield, gas and water. My Flukso has firmware version 241.

I was thinking: you did remove the offending main-sensor(s) as per Bart's instructions [1]? It's required for displaying the minute tab .


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I am now on the same version of chrome as you are.
Firmware version 232, how can I upgrade to 241?

I did remove the offending sensors but i just did it again ;
root@flukso-f68a2a:~# uci set flukso.7.enable=0
root@flukso-f68a2a:~# uci set flukso.8.enable=0
root@flukso-f68a2a:~# uci commit
root@flukso-f68a2a:~# fsync
gh 2 2 .. ok
Hardware check (major: 2, minor: 2) .. ok
se 0 0 .. ok
se 1 0 .. ok
se 2 0 .. ok
se 3 0 .. ok
se 4 0 .. ok
se 5 0 .. ok
sk 1 0 0 .. ok
sp 0 0 0 3 4 5 .. ok
sm 0 2851 .. ok
sf 0 0 .. ok
sm 1 2851 .. ok
sf 1 0 .. ok
sm 2 2851 .. ok
sf 2 0 .. ok
sm 3 1 .. ok
sf 3 0 .. ok
sm 4 1 .. ok
sf 4 0 .. ok
sm 5 0 .. ok
sf 5 0 .. ok
se 0 1 .. ok
se 1 1 .. ok
se 2 1 .. ok
ct .. ok
ln -s /usr/bin/restful /www/sensor/e3b95e7f588dc24b6011eeb5d756b1cd .. ok
ln -s /usr/bin/restful /www/sensor/d82788617db9c4a745c8fbf5c5e8abbd .. ok
ln -s /usr/bin/restful /www/sensor/a7794d3ada15e73cd82e5ea2a43ed26f .. ok
generating a new /etc/avahi/services/flukso.service
/usr/bin/fsync completed successfully. Bye!

but still, it is not working

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by not working, i mean : not in FF32, not in Safari 8, not in Chrome 39

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Could you PM me? Too long winded through this forum ...

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JGysenbers and I checked our config in detail but we don't see any difference other than that I have 3-phase 220V system and he has a mono-phase system.
Can anyone help me further?

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Hi Carl,

I'm following this topic too as I also don't got to the minutestab too. Yes, I said GOT.
Also changed uci set flukso.7.enable=0 and uci set flukso.8.enable=0
Also using 3-phase 220v. 3clamps,3phases configure.
Sensor1 is enabled, Sensor2 and 3 are disables which is normal when you select 3phases.
Sensor4 and 5 are used for water (pulse) and gas (pulse)
Then I tried it with Chrome but no luck. Got the message that I was not into the same local network.
After this I tried it with FireFox and now I can see the graph from the minutestab.

Kind Regards,

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What??? You have to disable the sensor 2 and sensor 3 when using 3phase 220V?
That is new. Ok, I'll try that tonight...

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solved. disabled sensor 2 and 3...
thx guys

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You're welcome, In the mean time I tried it with chrome too with Versie 38.0.2125.58 beta-m (64-bit)
Seems to work now when loading the unsecured script.
When selecting 3phases it disables sensor2 and 3 automaticaly.. But I guess all 3 of them are registrating values when the 3 clams are connected to S1 S2 S3. The graph only shows values from S1.. But I guess, please correct me "Flukso-admins", that S1 makes a callculation of S1 S2 and S3 togehter..

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Does someone know if there is a way to make the minutestab available via the internet? When opening the minute tab he's looking for a local IP. Is there a way to create a script that makes a check and looks for the locale IP. IF local IP not available than try DDNS with forwared IP's / ports at your home router?
Just wondering if this could be an option or will the latency be a problem..?