Kentv200 water meter - with inductive pulse target


i have a Kent v200-like water meter (
From my understanding of the spec, it has an inductive pulse target. I guess that means the flukso reed-based probe does not work with it?

Does someone know a way to get this to work with flukso?

thank you,

Ph. Duchesne

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I assume this is one of the "Cyble targets" - - so far there seems no homebrew solution for this kind of sensor to attach it to the FLM directly.
Just as an idea one might use a(nother) microcontroller, e.g. an ATtiny13, to detect change of inductance and transform it to a pulse (the Cyble sensors seem to actually use three sensors to also detect direction)
Rgds, Markus

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I have the same one. Didn't manage to make it work