Answer my emails

Why does Flukso not reply on several emails that I sent?

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Did you got a reply back?
It seems like there is not much support from flukso.

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Note: "they" are users like you - and there is also a manual to read; "we" are eager to help, but everything has its limit...

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Although I would applaud the Flukso being sold by Tindie or even Amazon, Carrefour and the likes, it is not a gadget or of-the-shelf consumer product. It takes a kind of Zen-like attitude when troubleshooting its puzzling 'behaviour'. Perseverance and patience when RTFM are requirements, no doubt.

However, have no fear - reset if you feel like, start from scratch or try GitHub and delve into MQTT. A whole new world lies ahead.

Just my 2 euro cents. - JG

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Reality is that despite flashy packaging Flukso is far from commercial product, probably one or two people operation. However MQTT and JeeNode integration will put it above some of the retail competition so you may be glad you stuck around - I certainly hope so.

That said, I sure would expect more support for paying $200 for $80 off the shelf hardware (dragino+arduino+clamps).

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I must admit that I don't really know what is going on at the moment; this tone in the forum is something new in this community that for a long time was very topic oriented, helpful and eager to bring everybody forward who is affine to "low cost" energy management (c'mon, you paid more for your freaking cell phone!). For over two years I use (yes, I am also just a user, even though I got the chance to get to know the FLM inventor personally) my FLM, am very satisfied, learned a lot (still do) and am eager to keep it that way; thus I feel rather irritated by some comments posted by certain people - yes, you have a right to bring issues forwards, but I object against untruthfulness.
With respect to $200 vs $80 - at the moment seeed sells the same Dragino for 69US$ plus VAT, thus without the arduino board, without clamps, without the sampling software, without the web platform, without certification... I am eager to learn where to get the same for 80$, truely! (I just bought a Korean ODroid-U3 and must admit, with respect to software support it is just rubbish)
Yes, the FLM is an open source based product, commercialized indeed, but not in a "Philipps" or "Samsung" style that relates to the power and volume sending hundreds, if not thousands of man years into such a project (happy China, something to clone!) - there are indeed commercial competion products; feel free to get them for 80$ - nobody is forced to use an FLM, at least I don't feel forced.
So, please, before complaining, RTFM!, set it up step-by-step, use the opportunity to learn using MQTT and be happy to find the one or other appliance that when replaced just pays out the amount invested into the FLM. And now, back to business...

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I fully concur with your words and sentiment

I'm a just a novice at this type of project that has intrigued me for a while and so with getting solar installed the FLM was a perfect unit to get especially 2B with the added WART capability to experiment with (when I get to better understand it all !!)

In my opinion if you got as far as to decide on a Flukso unit then you should have enough understand of electronics and LAN/WIFI to figure most things out for yourself !!

So let's lighten up everyone and keep this forum as it should be by helping each other out and learning along the way

I will recoup the cost of my FLM within 6 months thanks to the ability it gave me to better schedule power usage and thus optimise my solar use

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Flukso Hardware if purchased in USA:
Dragino + Arduino board = $65
Current clamp=$8 to $55 (depends on volume)

Total for parts if purchased in USA: $65+18+sh. I paid around $220 (sh included) for flukso.
Flukso competition:
(TED) The Energy Detective 5000-g = $199
+ Realtime gauges and graphs
+ can be expanded to monitor individual circuits (TED spyder)
+ it can be installed within electrical box
- reportedly not very stable in some setups (probably due to Ethernet over Power shortcomings)

Brulteh ECM-1240 w/zigbee + CT 100A = $183
+ can be expanded to monitor individual circuits (@$5 / circuit)
+ can connect to pulse counters
+ can be installed within electrical box

Here what I think of Flukso's present offering:

+ forthcoming integration with jeenodes and MQTT broker interface (when?)
+ hackable/customizable
+ web reports included
+ stable
- not feature complete, no defined roadmap
- limited in number of inputs (at least until jeenodes support)
- not easily installed in the electrical box
- realtime (minute graph) interface does not work with modern browsers

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@Khan123 - What is your desire? What are you trying to prove? FLM software is open source software, so you are welcome to contribute; you are also free to leave - I wish you farewell...

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Because email does not scale very well. I currently have 1733 unread emails sitting in my inbox, all clamoring for attention. Posting clear, single-topic questions on the forum does. The Flukso community has quite some knowledgeable people like @gebhardm and @jgysenbergs who can and will answer relevant forum questions (thanks!). It's the wisdom of the crowds at work. If, at a later date, anyone has a Flukso-related question, they can search the site and check if it's been answered before. One-to-one email communication solves a problem for at most one person at a time.

If you're wondering why I haven't been very active on the forum lately, it's because I've had my head stuck deep in Flukso code. We now have a couple of alpha setups where the FLM02B is functioning as a Jeenode/Kube sensor hub. In parallel, I'm also working on Tmpo, a time-series file format. The links point to the EC1404 presentations I gave on these topics. I'll elaborate on this in the near future with a set of blog posts. For now, you can track the progress of these features on github.

And I will try to catch up and keep up with the forum discussions once again. Hope to meet you in a next topic!


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To give you some more background, I also phoned several times without any reply. That - in combination with the unanswered Mails - frustrated me because on the website is a phonenumber and Mailaddress available. That is why I started this post to figure out if this is common or not.

Bart, it is up to you to give support or not. But don't put your phonenumber and Mailaddress then on your website and mention that the support is only done via the forem. That makes things clear.

I agree with JGYSENBERGS. You realy need a Zen-like attitude if you don't have a Dutch Smart Elektricity Meter. In example, I still don't know which hardware I need. But I'm willing to learn and still want a Fluksometer. So let us end this topic and now, back to business...