Flukso V3 get data via php?

In the fluksometer v2 there was an option to get the data local as well in the "services" tab. Apparently this is vanished in v3.
What's the best way to move forward in getting the info from the device and read it in with php to forward it to my domotica system?

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In the interface of the V2 there's actually a tab in the GUI to allow access to the data locally which opens up the local API to retrieve the data.
In the V3 gui this is gone so I don't know whether this is turned on by default or the only way is using mqtt...
I'm going to look into MQTT any way now :)

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Then also take a look at https://github.com/gebhardm/flmlocal - this you may also use as a template to push own data to whatever server you want to handle...