FLM02B - connection times out - Cant access settings

Hi Guys,

I've just tried to access my new Flukso FLM02B. I tried to log onto but I just get the error message "connection has timed out". It never connects, though the ethernet light is on.
Does anyone have a suggestion as to what's wrong or what I could try? Yes, I have connected an ethernet cable (I tried 2 different ones).


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Make sure that the FLM is connected directly to the computer, nothing in-between (if you don't want to manually set up the computer's IP address to something in the range
Then make sure that your computer caught up with the IP address space of the FLM. Check the computer's LAN connection settings that it is in the same subnet or configure it manually (192.168.255.x)...

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Hi GEBHAEDM. What do you mean by "caught up with the IP address space of the FLM". I have the Flukso cabled directly to the PC. Why would I need to change my IP address?

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Bizarrely, it just started working. I didn't change anything. It's annoying when hardware is flakey like that.

Thanks for responding GEBHAEDM.

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A perfect illustration of an undocumented Flukso feature: it can generate a kind of Zen-like attitude when troubleshooting its puzzling 'behaviour'. Perseverance and patience when RTFM is mandatory, no doubt.

However, have no fear - reset if you feel like, start from scratch or try GitHub and delve into MQTT. A whole new world lies ahead. [Quoting myself from https://www.flukso.net/content/answer-my-emails]