Upgrading old 215 firmware.


Gave my old Fluksometer some much needed attention and managed to get it going. Tried to upgrade it using the button in the menu but didn't work. Apparently my firmware version 215 is to old.
I'm using one of the older models (version 1 i think) of fluksometers. The webpage report FL02000086 as serial number.
Been browsing the site but can't find instructions on how to upgrade the firmware. No mention of it in the local web interface. What is the best method to upgrade to version 247?


--- Mikael R

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It is an FLM v2, fortunately (as the FL02xxxxxx indicates); did you wait long enough? The actual update seems to be triggered only with the next hourly update. If this does not work, @icarus75 has to take a look.

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When I checked a few hours later it was upgraded. So problem solved. Tnx for the feedback.

/ MR