Flukso ... Monitor 3 houses with 3 clamps/one Flukso?

Hi Everyone!

Future flukso buyer here, I've asked David, the Australian Flukso stockist this question - but perhaps you blokes might also be able to advise!

Can one Flukso with three clamps be appropriate for the situation below?

Background: I want to buy one to help my Mum keep an eye on the power use of a rental property with three separate meters (and for her 3 different tenants to be able to see their own use and self-regulate).

Basically, it's one property, but it's subdivided into three separate rentals with separate bills (three separate external power metres installed).

Am I correct in my understanding that I can buy the FLM02 Fluxometer, and, reading the FAQ which says "An FLM02 can either measure up to three independent single-phase circuits" - I can use that one Fluxometer with a clamp on each separate meter (of which there are 3) to report three different / separate power usage statistics and thus keep approximate tabs on how much power each tenant is using?

If so, that would be fantastic! I'm pretty sure 3 phase is not installed ... Hoping this might be the right fit!

I'm not an electricity genius, sadly! But would be appreciative of any advice.


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//Re David (I've emailed this question very recently - but hoping perhaps this is the better place to ask!)

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You can. You just name them what you want to ID them.
I was doing that on 3 circuits in mine as an experiment earlier.

Bazzle (Melb)

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I am about to order one more flukso to do something similar but for the main circuit breakers on the house IE: Office/Living Room, etc...
And to what I understand yes you can do that so you are clear to go! :D

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I can confirm that you can measure three separate circuits with analog ports 1-3. These ports are then mapped to three distinct sensors. All you have to do is to give each of the sensors a unique name.