Flukso support for 2 wire Temperature Sensors

Hi, New to FluksoForum, have read quite a deal about the desire of many to be able to measure temperature together with their energy (kwh) measurements, but the conversation seems to have died off since early last year. There was some discussion around support for Temp sensors coming in a new release, but it wasn't clear how far this would go without extra (Dev type) handywork.

So as a newbie and keen energy minotoring buff, but not so handy with PIs and Ardunios I would like to ask how developments are going for simple Temp monitoring?

regards CMAH

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This will actually be subject to the Kube release which is to be awaited "any time soon"...
Support for many different kinds of sensors according to the sources is built into the FLM being a hub to the Kube; thus, there will be no "direct" attaching of two-wire sensors; you may use any kind of MQTT-capable sensor already...
See https://www.flukso.net/content/use-flms-mqtt-broker-further-extending-yo... for this.

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Thank you gebhardm for the links which naturally lead to other links which are very informative. However not being the "propellor-head" that you obviously are, the coding etc that is in your articles are way over my head. However it does seem that the Flukso is both capable and moving towards being more extensible in regard to supporting sensing like Temp out of the box, that's certainly what "newbies" like me would like.

I'll certainly look more closely at the threads developing from your links and attempt to phathom what is being presented. If there is anyone else out there in Flukso land that has a solution for visualising Temperature and energy usage charts and graphs, I'd be glad to hear from you.