Put cord ends on amp clamps and cables

Connecting the 50 amp clamps to the termination screw block resulted in quite a few poor connections. Adding some .75 adereindhulzen (insulated cord ends) to the clamps and rj11 cable solved this.

Judging from the forum more flukso users struggle with poorly connected cables.

Maybe flukso can deliver cables with those crimped on.


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De eindjes vertinnen met soldeer doet het ook prima ;-)

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zeker maar dan is het wel verstandig ze wat verder te strippen. Ik heb het al twee keer voor elkaar gekregen om op de isolatie te klemmen.

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On a related note: this cheap, Chinese optical sensor produced weird values. It seemed as if there was something running that needed an enormous amount of gas.

It turned out the + wire (from pin 6a) sat snug, not where it normally belongs, between the small metal clamps which should keep a firm grip on the wire, but it sat more or less loose in the open space which appears when the screw is fully tightened.

This caused some rapid, random pulses displaying huge gas consumption peaks.

More about the gas sensor over here: https://www.flukso.net/content/which-probe-ugi-g4-gas-meter-has-small-mi...

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A (more or less) translation of the Dutch text: tin coating the strands with solder helps but is not as reliable as crimping on metal cord ends. Another pitfall is tightening a screw on the isolation instead of the bare wire.