Flukso V2 - bricks after powering it off - is there a battery?

Today I lost power and my v2 Flukso bricked itself when power restored.

I was able to reflash the firmware on my desk and have it reporting nicely however when I moved the Flukso back to it's normal location near the fuse box, it had lost it's settings and had bricked itself again in the short time the power was removed. I ended up needing to flash it in place next to the fuse box so I didn't have to power it off. I'm now worried if the power goes off again I'll need to reflash.

I opened the Flukso and I can see a small 16v capacitor - I couldn't see any battery or other capacitor so I wonder if that Cap needs replacing so it can keep the settings, or is there another device.

Ideally I'd like to buy a new one - are they still being made? I haven't seen any activity by Bart for a long time?

Thanks in advance

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I have the same issue.