flukso v2b death every couple of months

I have flukso for some years now (v2b).
Since about more then a year every month or 2 it gets stuck.
Then i have to try everything to get it to work again.
Sad part is that i lose all the data for that period (i don't look every day at it).

Does someone have advise what i should do to get it up and running again?
Now 4 of 5 leds are on all the time (only wifi not).
No heartbeat anymore. Already tried to power it on again, hit the reset button...

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I have the same issue as do a few others - I think the flash memory can only be written to a defined number of times and it becomes unstable after a number of years. My v2b will lose all settings if I power it off and I need to reflash memory to get it to work again.

Follow these instructions to reflash memory:


This thread may also help


I've saved and shared the files needed for the reflashing on Dropbox as the links in the other post no longer work.


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Thx for the liks to the older forum posts.

Do you know if v3 will be available again? Or has flukso stopped development due to the outroll of digital meters?