Receiving jeenode data with Fluksometer

Just received my Fluksometer v2b and have it reading from a bunch of kwh meters and my gas meter (also pulse output). I now want my jeenodes attached to my cold water mains and various other devices to send data to the Fluksometer.

Is there any documentation on how to configure the Fluksometer to receive/process data using it's RFM12b?

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Can you give some more info on your jeenodes ? I'm looking for a way to sent some temperature information to the flukso via the RFM12b board.

Are there ready-made jeenodes with temperature sensors available to purchase somewhere ?

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Have you not got any soldering experience? They're not too hard to put together.

But if you're not comfortable you could use the Jeenode SMD (pre-built)

As i say though, i have no idea how to get them talking with the fluksometer yet. There doesn't appear to be anything in the documentation. I have skimmed the source and couldn't figure anything out, but need to look a bit deeper :)

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Do I get it right? Is a Jeenode SMD enough to send data to the Flukso? I'm very interested to see how to send my waterusage wirelessly. The water-meter is away from my house, no cables available :-(

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Well yes and no. Unfortunately even after skimming the code a few more times I can't work out if/what the fluksometer is supposed to do when it receives packets on the RFM12B.

Hoping someone will pipe up soon :)

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With the FLM02B we have the hardware (RFM12B) and Jeenode protocol in place to send and receive packets to/from a bunch of Jeenodes. What's still missing are the 'higher' software layers that can decode a received packet and map it to a 'virtual' Flukso sensor. This will be worked on in the coming months. We'll keep you updated!

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Awesome! I wanted to have a play but couldn't figure out what currently happens with received packets or how to bridge them from hardware (avr) to software... I guess you'll be using lua scripts or something to process?

Eagerly await progress :)


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Paul-Armand (@fablab-leuven) has written an FLM daemon bridging Jeenode readings to the on-board Mosquitto MQTT broker. See his forum comment and flm02 github fork. It's not quite ready for inclusion into the main development branch, but it's definitely the road to travel.

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FLASHAAAH i'd like to do the same with my water meter, very interested to hear if anyone else has done the same?

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I stumbled across this page today :[produkthauptkategorien]=7

These are all self powered sensors, working on the same 868 MHz band as the RFM12B module on the Flukso.

If we could somehow have the sensors push their data to the MQTT...

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The jeenodes use a minimalistic protocol to reduce power consumption on transmission to the absolute necessary; making them (or any "self powered device") send MQTT messages I regard much too heavy (NB: MQTT requires TCP/IP) - the direction here is to make the FLM being the bridge from jeenode to MQTT... (and that seems work in progress, hopefully)
For MQTT enabled sensors see - this tiny sketch makes an Arduino w/ Ethernet powered sensor publishing MQTT messages "just below 32KB" to be displayed in the gauge panel

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Dear Fluksonian developers,

1) Any progress on the status (or "to-do list") for the Jee-node implementation? As I see it, the required hardware is present, and so is the "beta version(?)" of the FLM daemon written by Paul-Armand.
Did anyone try it out (& got it working) already?

2) What about the "flukso-cube", is/will/was this also (be) based on jee-node protocol? Was it just a glimpse of the future possibilities, or will that product actually be available in the future?

3) As a sidestep: I noticed that the Enocean protocol can also make use of the 868 MHz band, and that a raspberry Pi + 868 MHz radio can be transformed in an Enocean gateway. Would it be (in theory) possible to receive Enocean messages with the Fluksometer too (or does this protocol require conflicting hardware/SW specs?).

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I also would like to know if when we can have access to the Jeenode bridge. Node data on the Flukso's MQTT broker?

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The next firmware release (r24x, alpha version r241 available) will have the FLM act as a telemetry hub for Kubes and jeenodes, see the EC1404 presentation. All features listed on p12 of the presentation:

  • Kube/Jeenode pairing with Fluksometer
  • auto-provisioning of their on-board sensors
  • over-the-air firmware upgrades
  • packet decoding/encoding based on packet description in registry (cf p15 for an example)
  • sensor readings published to embedded MQTT broker

have been implemented in the kubed daemon on the FLM side. On the Jeenode/Kube side this functionality has been included in their respective bootloaders. Kubed will be considered 'beta' in r24x. Detailed documentation is still lacking though. I'm now working on tmpo to get all this new sensor data stored locally on the FLM and pushed to in a very efficient manner. Tmpod is currently running on an FLM in a test setup at FluksoHQ. The server-side tmpo implementation is still needs a bit of work. Once that part is finished, and with no major show-stoppers detected in the alpha build, we'll be all set for pushing r24x to all existing FLM02's. The FluksoKube will then receive some much needed attention.

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Already had some fun with Node-Red ( on a Raspberry Pi :).
Current 'IoT' wiring: w

Now I can also post my flukso readings to emonCMS or other platforms, possibilities are endless!

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Really looking forward to the update with the jeenode support- good work :)

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bart, is there an eta for when we can buy a kube?

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Not yet. But you can expect an ETA of the Kube ETA in Sept. :)

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Ok, my colleagues and I just received our first Jeenodes. How do we get the sensor data to the FLM ?

We got some basic sketches working on the nodes, we can 'talk' to each node so we now the radios work. Bart, you were talking about the Jeenode bridge, is it already present in the latest alpha firmware ? If so, what should our data payload message look like to make sure it is correctly handled by the FLM ? Our will the bridge simply put any message payload on the MQTT broker ?

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Has anyone managed to send Jeenode data to the Flukso bridge ?

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I've been digging throught the Kube source code to try and link a Jeelink to the Flukso.
The following code snippet should trigger a pair request, but it seems to wait indefinitely.

  1. static void sendPairingCheck () {
  2.   struct PairingRequest request;
  3.   request.type = REMOTE_TYPE;
  4. = 212;
  5.   request.nodeId = 1;
  6.   //request.check = calcCRC(&config.shKey, sizeof config.shKey);
  7.   //memcpy(request.hwId, hwId, sizeof request.hwId);
  9.   rf12_initialize(1, RF12_868MHZ, 212);
  10.   rf12_sendNow(RF12_HDR_ACK, &request, sizeof request);
  11.   rf12_sendWait(0);
  13.   Serial.println("Sent");
  14. }

Has anybody else tried this?

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Just to be clear.
I have been able to send data from a Jeenode to a Jeelink. The jeenode is polling an ultrasonic sensor to measure the waterlevel in a watertank.

The problem is sending the sensor data from the Jeenode to the Flukso directly.